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3 Common Pool Heater Problems in Big Pine Key, FL

July 13, 2021

Your pool should be your backyard oasis, a respite from the stresses of life. Heater malfunctions impact your ability to enjoy your Big Pine, FL, retreat. Check out these common pool heater problems to learn when to call a professional pool service.

1. Improper Heating

If your heater is running but isn’t heating the pool to your satisfaction, there are a few possible causes. A dirty or improperly sized pool filter may constrict the water flow through the heater, hampering its ability to warm the water. Another potential cause of inadequate heating is an undersized heater.

If a clogged filter or too-small heater isn’t the issue, it’s time to call in the pros for a service call. A professional technician can diagnose the cause and get your pool heating again.

2. Ignition Failure

Ignition failure has several potential causes, including improper temperature settings, pump failure, a dirty system, gas supply problems, and stuck valves. Check that your thermostat is set correctly, and your pilot light is lit before calling for repairs.

3. Noise

If your heater makes loud or unusual noises like banging, whining, or grinding, you should have the system checked out. Debris in the hoses or filters may cause knocking or whining noises. These issues will likely need a system inspection and back-flush to resolve the issue.

Another potential cause of heater noise is a pressure switch failure. This causes the heater to run after the pump powers down. If you are unable to identify and resolve any unusual noises from your pool system, you should power down the system and call a professional

If your Big Pine Key, FL, pool heater is causing you problems, you owe it to yourself to resolve the issue. Give Houston Air a call today to schedule a pool heater repair or learn about our maintenance plans.

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